Welcome to my Paint Shop Pro Tutorials page. These tutorials were written for Paint Shop Pro 7, but you should be able to use versions 5 and 6. The exception is the Champagne Glass Tutorial because it uses Vectors.

If a tutorial is designated as intermediate or advanced level, I assume a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro's basic features. This knowledge includes:
Fill tools and options
Selection toolscreating, modifying, saving to and loading selections from an Alpha Channel
Layer featuresblend modes, adjusting transparency, grouping layers, turning visibility off and on, merging layers
Additional skills may be specified at the beginning of the tutorial.

Because I haven't touched the html code for the tutorials since 2007, they are available as pdf files only. This will make working offline easier and has an additional advantage of eliminating any web browser version issues that can affect the html versions.

I'll be glad to help if you need it. Any comments or suggestions are also welcome.